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The Loop vol 1: The Story Behind our Knotted Bags

Verloop Studio Notes - The Loop

The story behind our Knotted Bags: Knitting our way to zero-waste. 

Experiments are part of the day-to-day of VERLOOP. We don’t just design and make things; we brainstorm and invent along the way. It’s one of the things we love most about designing on the factory floor.

In this try-anything spirit, we like to challenge ourselves to waste as little as possible in the production process. This is how our eco-friendly pouches were born — from excess scarf and throw yardage. And our poms and tassels — from leftover lengths of yarn.

We save every bit of yarn left over from production and dream up new ways to use them.

This season our experiments took us a step further. We developed a new eco-friendly cord made entirely of remnant yarns. Using our finger-joint machine (the same one that makes your favorite gloves) we worked extra bits of yarn into one long, continuous cord.

This cord is then encased in a second knit layer, creating a sturdy new material that’s reducing waste and is perfect for macramé. From this, our Knotted Bag was born. 


Our new Knotted Bags are made entirely from this new repurposed cord. Each bag saves 1.3 lbs of textiles from the landfill. One bag takes one artisan two days to complete, and the end result is gorgeous!

Each tote is a celebration of handcraft, eco-friendly design, and the innovative spirit of VERLOOP. We hope you love them as much as we do.

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