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Meet Michelle Norris

To know Michelle is to know she lives and breathes color.

As a multimedia artist living and working in Atlanta, Georgia, Michelle embraces sunny, vivid hues. Color is her inspiration and her paintbrush, bringing playfulness and joy to her work and her surroundings.

An exclusive collection

Flower Shower: a squiggly take on nature’s boldest blooms.

We translated Michelle’s hand-drawn pattern into colorful jacquard knit to reimagine her favorite VERLOOP pieces: fringed throws, soft pillows, plush slippers, and a patchwork bucket hat.

Flower Shower is our shared love letter to graphic patterns and bright knits—made for fellow color-lovers everywhere!

Flower Shower

Designed by Michelle Norris for VERLOOP

Made with repurposed deadstock yarn

Soft, hypoallergenic, and washable

Limited edition

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“Living with color brings joy—it’s a jolt to the senses!

I hope these pieces uplift your mood and inspire you to play.”

Michelle Norris

Made with Repurposed Deadstock Yarn

True to VERLOOP’s mission, the Flower Shower collection repurposes yarn that would otherwise go to waste. Giving life to deadstock yarn helps us conserve resources and keep excess material out of our landfills.

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