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Favela Crossbody Pouch


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This bag is hand-crocheted from repurposed plastic!

Widely used by seaweed farmers in the Southern Philippines, this plastic is used for its strength and durability to bind and identify seaweed harvests underwater. This bag's handles are also hand-knotted using repurposed carabiners and nylon paracord remnants that would have otherwise been discarded. 

As such, no two bags are alike. 

A collaborative effort between Verloop and talented artisans from the Filipino seaside community we source from, each bag can take as much as one day to produce by hand, and enables our artisans to earn competitive wages along with the means to work from home.

Details: Body – 100% Repurposed plastic  //  Handles – Nylon paracord remnants  //  Care – Wipe down with damp cloth //  11.5”H x 7”L  //  Strap drop: 25" as crossbody bag // Note: since handles are entirely made from recycled materials, actual strap may differ from product photo shown to the left

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